Coffee Talk at The Cosy Tea Rooms

Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh coffee?

Excitement reached fever pitch at Cosy Tea Rooms of Elham on Monday 24th September for the invitation only Coffee Talk by our great friends at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

James and Aimee from Union had both travelled long distances for this special event and the crowd were going wild in anticipation. Tickets had been hard to get hold of for this must see event, so what exactly went on………..?

Well, you would not believe how complicated coffee is. Everyone just thinks coffee is coffee. Well no, this is not the case as the audience found out.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee has been sourcing, roasting, brewing and supplying coffee for more than 20 years and they are passionate about what they do and how they do it.

Did you know that all coffee carries a quality score? Next time you are having a coffee (preferably in Cosy Tea Rooms!!) ask the staff what the quality score is for the coffee we serve. The Cosy Tea Rooms Team all know the score of the coffee they serve but it’s probably not true in many other places. It’s simple; the higher the score the better the quality.

Coffee flavours and aromas – James and Aimee were able to explain about the coffee processing process and what influences great flavours. The range and blends of coffee that are available are mind boggling but this is just a few examples of the flavours the audience were able to sample during the Cupping and tasting section of the event:

  • Chocolate and Caramel
  • Citrus and floral
  • Fruit
  • Nuts and spice

Flavour is influenced by many factors, including variety, soil, altitude, the picking and washing method, to roasting and freshness. The fresher the better!

Hand Roasting – each batch of coffee from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is hand roasted to order. Hard to believe but absolutely true. That’s why the coffee is exceptional.

Did you know that coffee beans are seeds of a coffee cherry? In order to obtain the exceptional quality coffee served in Cosy Tea Rooms only ripe cherries are harvested.

The hard work got underway with James leading from the front and guiding the eager audience with a selection of coffee varieties for them to sample using the Cupping method. Our VIP guests got the chance to break the crust of the coffee, releasing that wonderful aroma in each cup. With the aid of a personalised tea spoons the participants were able to taste each variety – it was interesting to see who had excellent taste buds and were able to identify different flavours – naturally some very good at being able to describe exactly what they tasted whilst others obviously had a problem with their taste buds full stop!!!

James and Aimee told us all about good beans and bad beans – everyone learnt a lot.

James had undertaken the Barista training for all of the Cosy Tea Room Team personally at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee headquarters in Docklands, London and he assured the audience that he continually monitored the quality of the Cosy Tea Rooms Team to make sure the highest quality was being maintained.

Who knew that coffee tasting could be so entertaining and that the enjoyment level outweighed a wine tasting event and leaves you with no headache………

Looking forward to the next event at Cosy Tea Rooms of Elham – watch this space as we have something else coming along very soon.

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